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Wedding Lessons

Let us be the first to congratulate you! We know you have a heaping to-do list and we would be happy to take “learn a gorgeous first dance” off your plate. All of our instructors are brilliant choreographers and will work with however many left feet you have! Let us bring out your inner dance star and create a wedding routine that you and your guests will remember forever. (And feel free to save us a piece of cake).

Pricing & Plans

Single Wedding Lesson


If you’re looking for the absolute basics or your wedding is right around the corner, this package is a perfect fit. Leave 45 minutes later more confident and with a few smooth moves under your belt.

Double Wedding Lesson


I know you lovebirds are busy with the planning, but you nearly forgot about your first dance! Grab us last-minute for a back to back, hour and a half ballroom bootcamp. We’ll make sure you leave confident, radiant, and with all the spins that show off your dress.

5 Lesson Package


If you’re looking for a little more from your wedding dance than a moony-eyed sway back and forth, we’ve got your back! Learn simple choreography with our brilliant instructors, and have fun while you learn! You’ll be falling in love all over again….we promise not to third wheel!

12 Lesson Package


Ok, you want your friends and families’ jaws on the floor. We get it, we see you! Work with us for 12 sessions to create a stunning showcase for your special day. Intricate choreography with professional polish is our middle name (it’s a long middle name). You want lifts? We got you. You want dips? We’ll bring queso.

We initially came to work on our first dance for our wedding, but then we had so much fun we extended our classes. Will definitely be coming back!"

Kelsey Brewer, 2021


Our wedding is next week! Can we still come in?

We will do our best to prioritize you! The more the time crunch, the less availability we have, but we know these things happen and will do whatever we can to fit you in.

Should we know how to dance?

If you’ve never danced before, we love you. If you’ve been dancing Argentine Tango since age five, we love you. Moral of the story is, come in. We love you.

Should we come in with our own music?

Yes please! When you have your music ready to go, we can better utilize time to match up the perfect style of dance. If you’re not sure what you’re going to jam out to, we’re happy to help. But the less time we spend deciding, the more time we have to dance!

For more information, feel free to contact us!

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