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Group Classes

If you’re looking for a fun, community-oriented way to learn dance, look no further! We offer a variety of classes at different levels for you to enjoy. Classes are 45 minutes long, and you get the opportunity to dance with different students from all levels and backgrounds. This is a safe space to learn and grow amongst fellow dance lovers.

Current Offerings:

Salsa Levels 1-5

Bachata Levels 1-5

West Coast Swing Levels 1-4
Argentine Tango Levels 1-3

Kizomba Levels 1-3


Pricing & Plans

4-Week Series


This is our most popular choice! Get to know your instructors and fellow students on a more personal level. Build up your dance skills over the course of 4 consecutive weeks.

90 Minute Workshop


Applicable towards select workshops:

Monthly 3rd Friday Salsa 1 Fast-Pass

Monthly 3rd Friday Bachata Workshops


What shoes should I wear- what if I don’t have fancy dance shoes?

Split-bottom, suede shoes are the best, but if you don’t have those, wear what you’ve got! We recommend staying away from especially high heels and anything with no or too much traction.

Can I come and just dance with whoever I brought in?

Group classes are meant for social dancing, and partners switch frequently. If you would only like to dance with your partner, we recommend contacting us about renting studio space to practice on your own, or booking a private lesson.

How do I know what level is best for me?

Good question! Strap in:

  • Level one: you’ve had 0-2 months of dance experience under your belt.

  • Level two: you’ve had 3-6 months of experience.

  • Level three- you’ve had 8+ months of experience. 

  • Level four- you’ve had over a year of experience.

For more information, feel free to contact us!

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