1 Single Lesson

FAQs: Do I need a partner to book a lesson?

No, all of our fantastic instructors are happy to step in if you're in need of a dance partner!

Just don't be upset if they step on your toes ;)


Private Dance Lessons

The most efficient way to learn to dance.  Get the undivided attention of your instructor in a comfortable and private setting.

Lessons are 45 minutes each by appointment only.

dance@arlingtonballroom.com with any further inquiries or to schedule.

5 Lesson Package

FAQs: How long are the lessons?

All private lessons are 45 minutes long. Private lessons may be booked back to back on the same day for longer sessions.

($25 Savings!)


12 Lesson Package

FAQs: Is the price per person or couple?

All private lesson prices are the same for either 1 or 2 people! Feel free to bring your significant other, spouse, classmate or anyone else you can drag along!

($120 Savings!)


20 Lesson Package

FAQs: When can I schedule a private lesson?

Schedule your private lessons at your convenience.  The studio is open for private lessons everyday, 10am-10pm.

($300 Savings!)



 New Student Special  

45-minute Private Lesson (org. $100)

Try out your first private dance lesson today!

No partner needed

No experience necessary

Our studio is open everyday, 10am-10pm​ for private lessons.


Learn to dance in 3 easy steps:

1) E-mail us to find a dance instructor

2) Find a time that works for you & your instructor

3) Show up & dance!

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